Policy Myths is an independent, innovative and free thinking exposition of current economic and environmental issues.

The fundamental focus is to expose and reconsider certain significant ideas and policies which are important to public debate.

The principal motivations are rational thinking, developing a clear perspective of the underlying problems and considering a wide array of alternatives, possibilities and outcomes.

The core of the motivation for this exposition is the improper use of government, policy and government failure and the consequent social, environmental and economic distortions. Rent seeking by special interest groups, pubic subsidies and the waste of public monies and opportunities are key concerns.

Generally, communications of support are appreciated and may be responded to, but life is to short for this writer to deal with trolls and irrational pessimists (who are more than likely trying to justify a rent seeking sinecure:-).

Corresponding email is: professor.ak.dragun@flairwood.net


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