With the mighty BBC rooting for a disaster, “Cyclone Debbie: Australia activates disaster response plan” (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-3942208228th March), the alarmist media supported by a rampaging Bureau of Meteorology (locally known “appropriately” as the BOM) degenerated into deliriously silly mode.

When asked why Debbie is so powerful? Dr Jeffrey D Kepert, head of the Bureau of Meteorology’s High Impact Weather Research told the BBC, that “It made landfall at close to its peak intensity, Crucially, it is also very slow-moving. That “can be more damaging because the duration of strong winds is longer. As structures experience a longer battering, things like metal fatigue set in, leading to more damage. Also, more of the rain falls in the same area rather than being spread out, leading to a greater flood risk”. So this is really high impact research!

The amazing local green politician (for that is what he apparently is) Adam B.ant declared that the nations Prime Minister (no one really wants to remember his name, maybe it is Trumble?) had blood on his hands for directly causing Debbie by allowing all those efficient Aussie coal mines to go ahead and keep producing all that world class high energy low polluting coal.

Privately most of the media alarmists were looking for a Category 5 storm while early predictions were that the early Category 2 or 3 storm might just sneak into Cat 4 territory.


From news.com.au( http://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/cyclone-debbie-update-qld-evacuations-underway-as-monster-storm-approaches/news-story/acfd57081e8d2d9fd93403d8e888c9fb)

Grim warning as Debbie bears down: ‘This is a monster cyclone’

Debra Killalea, Emma Reynolds and Megan Palin


“CYCLONE Debbie has come within five kilometres of being declared a Category Five storm as it bears down on the Queensland coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology declared the tropical cyclone a “severe” Category Four system on Monday evening with wind gusts up to 250km/h.

However it’s just shy of being declared the most severe Category Five, according to Sky News reports. The “very destructive core” is to cross the coast between Cape Upstart and Cape Hillsborough (north of Mackay) this morning with wind gusts potentially to 275km/h near the centre of the system”.

Well a Category 5 storm would have been a lovely narrative for the climate and alarmist media phobia types, but for the singleton Cyclone of the summer season Debs was a let down. Well some cyclones come late so some alarmists still have “faith and hope”, and it might rain a bit in Brisbane.

And the wash up? Did you hear the yarn about the cockatoo got caught in the worst cyclone since the last one anybody can remember, it was called Yasi, the last cyclone that is, or it might have been Yussi or Imelda, or no one can actually remember. Anyway the poor cocky, no one ever asked him/her what it’s name was, got a few feathers pulled and really the luvvies have got all their “feathers in a twist” and pics of the poor bird have gone viral. Which is quite naughty really since no one asked the cocky if they could even take a pic. Arrogance upon arrogance in the cocky world. This from something called Now To love (This is not a joke it is taking itself seriously. Heart-warming cockies even in the face of monster cyclones) http://www.nowtolove.com.au/news/viral-news/heartwarming-story-debbie-rescue-cockatoo-cyclone-36342.

And what about that monster cyclone? Well the local state Premier Anna Alphabet (nobody can spell her name either) has declared that she “feels” for all the old folk in the affected areas who live in really, really old dilapidated houses which have been handed on for generations after generations might have a few sheets of roofing iron blown off the dilapidated roof or they might lose a few lose weatherboards and that would be really awful.

Anyway looking on the brighter side of life given the big dry in the north and around Townsville in particular, this downgraded, downgraded sort of a storm could have “a silver lining, it could bring some rain relief to farmers affected by drought. “Hopefully that will bring a bit of rain to the interior,” according to Professor David King, the director of the Centre for Disaster Studies at James Cook University in Townsville. And that will be good news to the cockies.

So all the cow cockies west of the great divide get the last laugh. They (the pastoralists = cow cockies) love cyclones of all forms, the cyclones bring the big wet, lots of grass and fat cows. Always beats a few lost feathers, bits of tin and a few planks back on the dilapidated coast. Monster Cyclones, coal mines and a few lost cocky feathers, really!


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