The Black Lives Matter narrative is driven by the socialist elite. The fundamental question which needs to be asked of the elite is “why are they so contemptuous and condescending of the black community” that they (the elitists) feel that it is necessary to intervene on behalf of the black community? It appears that the elitist rationale runs along the lines of the meme that the black community are “just not yet well formed people”, so they should be given special consideration.

Of course it is fundamental to the socialist elite that the great majority of humanity are just too stupid and hopeless to look after themselves. Thus, the rationale for elitist intervention. The socialist elite see themselves as the only persons intelligent and able to solve all of societies problems, and they are happy to intervene on behalf of those they consider hopeless.

Optimistically it might be hoped that some of the elitists do actually have an intention to really help. Unfortunately the track record of elitist socialists is diabolical, despite good intentions … think the socialist road to hell. In the US, the simple representation of white police going out of their way to randomly kill innocent nice black folks is just not supported by the data.

Black lives don’t seem to matter to black folks and the vast majority of murdered blacks are indeed killed by other blacks. Indeed more than half the murders in the US are committed by blacks and the demographic most exposed to increased killing are black policemen who appear to be sought out for special treatment by their own communities. Blacks are involved in the highest proportion of violent crimes, yet more whites are in fact killed by police and police are more likely to shoot a white criminal than a black criminal. The usual excuse of disadvantage also does not work very well given that greater numbers of white and Latino children are found in poverty than black children.

In fact a great many questions arise when the data of crime and police killings are appraised in the US, with the reality that both murder rated and police killings had been declining significantly for some time … until the President of the United States acted on the BLM narrative and decided to intervene to remedy a problem of police excessively shooting blacks which doesn’t actually seem to exist. In fact police killings of blacks, in cities targeted by the president to be remedied by his methods, have increased as have murders. As expected, the pursuit of a socialist – elitist narrative along the road to hell has made things worse.

It is not difficult to anticipate that the vast majority of well intentioned police officers in the US actually think twice about putting their lives on the line to protect the public, especially the black public who most needs the protection.

The nasty side of the elitist narrative of BLM really has very little to do with black lives at all. In fact black lives are just a pawn in the socialist big picture as revealed by Marx. The dream of radical socialists, as identified by Marx in the middle of the nineteenth century is to enable chaos and Doomsday, for it is in these conditions where the socialist elite will be able to seize control of the capitalistic society and establish the nightmare of socialist nirvana.

So the bottom line for the socialist elites is that facts do not matter in relation to their narrative and that minorities should be used to create mass social discord which challenges the capitalistic status quo. The socialist elite has no respect for any particular minority, considering them expendable in the pursuit of the socialist dictatorship.


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