In the record of human civilization, current circumstances represent a zenith of human wellbeing on just about every social, environmental and economic criteria. But you would never recognize this if the socialist elite were taken seriously. The planet, according to the socialists is going to wrack and ruin. The climate-wise narrative is that the Earth is just about to evaporate, population is exploding, species are being annihilated at apparently unheralded rates and global resources are seemingly disappearing at exponential proportions while inequality is somehow really horrible. And that is only the start of the perceived calamity.

According to the socialist elite, the pending catastrophe is the fault of the stupidity of the fair minded citizen which in turn is all enabled by the socialist’s horror which is capitalism.

“Suspend democracy and bring on the new socialist millennium”, the elites bray.

The elephant in the room — and it is an elephant of mammoth proportions — is that the rising tide of despair narrated in the elitist socialist media, has all to do with socialist sabotage of the western way of life and very little if anything to do with the socialist construction of capitalism, whatever that is.

Socialists despair when the term capitalism is raised, and this is ironic since capitalism is a narrative which they created themselves (Marx’s straw man) to better represent their new (again) age of brotherly love. In their own terms, the socialist construction of capitalism has evolved into some form of Frankenstein which has apparently improved the wellbeing of humanity so dramatically since the Age of Enlightenment that thee socialist almost feel irrelevant. What grates the socialist elite is that such an incredible improvement in the human condition was achieved without a single elitist at the helm. The socialist narrative of capitalism, like Mary Shelley’s creature, seems to have turned on its creator. Whatever the current Western economic institution is, it has been grossly misrepresented by the socialist elite with the irony that the cacophony of vile criticism that they would portend to throw actually applies to their dear socialism perfectly, and nothing else. The incidence of the gravest environmental disasters, genocide, starvation, waste, human deprivation and inequality have all occurred in socialist regimes.

In the current global disaster scenario the travails of Europe and the European Union epitomize the hypocrisy and contradiction of the socialist elite and their governance of sabotage.

Economic management in the EU is chaotic as epitomized by the continual fiasco in Greece. A simple representation would be that the socialist rent seekers of Germany have found a cool way to screw their socialist buddies in Greece and are laughing all the way to the bank, whilst driving their new Mercs. The socialist bureaucrats in the EU and their fluffy colleagues in the UN have also found a way to resurrect Marxian equality of the lowest possible denominator by keeping the community boarders open to every scoundrel on the planet. How could the simple minded Swede object to the socialist depiction of their mediocre country being stunningly described as a humanitarian powerhouse? Suckers all. The socialist elite know how to lead good folks down the road to hell, they have seen it all so many times before.

And the seed of the European disease?

Well in the socialist elitist view it is all the fault of the Western Way and their (the socialist) damned creation of capitalism. Destroy the Western Way and whatever their capitalist narrative is and the fields of subsistence agriculture will be ripe for a new socialist hegemony and Marx will rest easy, alongside Plato.

The falsehood of the current socialist narrative is that what despair exists in the European Union is only a function of their socialist sabotage. Socialists have been in control of the EU gravy train and the UN honey pot for the past 40 years and have been insidiously sabotaging their clients as individual elites in the bureaucracies have lived excruciatingly rich and luxurious lives working in those bureaucracies.

The current economic and political state of the European Union is and has been socialist for some considerable time. There is no innocent socialist excuse for the parlous and exposed condition the average European citizen finds themselves in.

Socialist elites operate by spinning narratives and they are painting their incompetence and disruptive intervention as someone else’s fault, anyone else’s fault — of course in their terms it is the curse of Frankenstein. It is all because of capitalism.

But no, the deteriorating economic and illegal immigrant situation is all and only the fault of the elite socialist brotherhood. Sabotage of the western way of life and the return to subsistence agriculture is the plan.

The socialist bag of tricks for a better society is pretty bare. In an environment characterised by representative government, democracy would appear to be a useful basic principle of socialist management. But in fact democracy is little more than window dressing for the brotherhood. At this stage in history a socialist appeal to democracy is not particularly important since the crucial bureaucracies of the European Union and the United Nations have already been infiltrated and captured as have the significant global NGOs and institutes of higher learning and research.

Fundamentally, the politicians and representative governments of the European countries, all claiming to be democracies, are unable to initiate much policy on economic issues or illegal immigration because the overbearing bureaucracies of the EU are actually governing and have determined a socialist agenda of sabotage to reduce capitalist Europe to an equality of the lowest common denominator.

The only trick in the socialist bag is equality. Ironically this motherhood concept is devoid of any meaningful definition in the learned[1] socialist literature. Writers including Marx and Engels and beyond have never been able to agree on any basic rubric, however the foundation template has to be Marx’s vision of undifferentiated subsistence farming. In this environment all men would be reduced to the lowest common denominator of equality, with no life enhancements or education and equal (in)-security and alienation. The situation of women would be even more basic according to Marx, if that were possible, as a function of all the normal womanly attributes and tasks. The socialist elite meanwhile would need to endure a life of wanton luxury in their dachas somewhere, no doubt contemplating the complex and difficult niceties of their Platonist republic as only elitists think they can do.

Any thought of stemming the economic and illegal immigrant tsunamis sweeping Europe is immediately quashed. Not only are socialists proficient at creating complex but meaningless narratives, they are experts in ridiculous dialectic and personal character attack. Thus, a rational inquiry on a serious issue is met with a socialist diatribe of … brainless, evil, xenophobic, bigoted, heartless, racist, in-human … invectitude! Rational inquiry, empirical data, analysis, discussion and even democracy, have no place relative to the socialist narrative.

As Marx and Engels optimistically prayed for during the middle years of the nineteenth century, there is again a tide turning against the Western Way in the early 21St Century and the socialists wish to see that tide come crashing down to destroy all around.

The recourse of the fair minded citizen in this tense social environment is either to endure the socialist Armageddon and prepare for a new dark age or otherwise recognise the sabotage for what it is and nip it in the bud.

Given that humans have endured more than 5,000 years of instrumental socialism in the civilised era without an atom of benefit but a universe of pain and loss, it would not seem wise to endure yet one more minute of socialist elitism.

In the European setting the response to the building tsunami of despair would seem to be clear cut and categorical.

The birth of the European Union was always a monster, it should have been aborted immediately. At the worst the Union was a bridle for constraining the further adventures of the German nation. Ironically at this juncture it would appear that Germany has actually won the economic war without firing one shot. Otherwise the Union was simple a smelly honey pot for vested interests and distorted markets, not to mention the gravy train for socialist bureaucrats and politicians.

Poignantly the socialist elites in the EU have been precisely responsible for the illegal immigrant wave seeking a better economic condition in Europe. The centralised bureaucratic control of the EU has meant that the invasion of hordes of illegals through the open borders of the Union is not seen as a problem. At best in the socialist view, the uncontrolled invasion might be expected to break the back of the western way, leading to the triumph of the socialist brotherhood. On the other hand the invasion might only lead to chaos and a growth of the welfare state, which is along the socialist road anyway.

Nowhere within the European Union or even the United Nations for that matter, any serious consideration to dealing with or stopping a serious problem. And thus from what would be considered a normal problem solving perspective, both organisations have failed abysmally. Ironically though, from a socialist point of view both have succeeded wonderfully. Both should be dissolved immediately[2].

Probably the most significant and grossest socialist bureaucratic initiative in the EU has been the Common Agriculture Policy, which has caused persistent inequality in much of the third world, particularly in Africa. This extravagant system of subsidies to rich European farmers, has been instrumental in generating an oversupply of agricultural produce as well as causing a decline in world food prices. Poor subsistence farmers in Africa have subsequently found themselves unable to compete on the world stage and most often have been forced out of business in their own countries as cheap subsidised food floods Africa. Consequently, with their agricultural business rendered uncompetitive, significantly as a consequence of the mindless market distorting of the EU CAP socialists, numerous Africans consider themselves forced to make a new life within the socialist welfare state of Europe.

The sad irony of following the socialist way according to the EU and even the UN, is that a great many individuals from poorer countries will be induced to join the welfare state. The European countries will not be better off for this and a great many fair minded citizens will be reduced to the lowest common denominator. In the light of the evidence of current EU economic management as well as the illegal immigrant invasion, it would appear that the European zone is fast-tracking serious economic and social decline[3].

The sad irony of the European invasion is that very few of the arriving welfare recipients will own their future, while most of the current Euro citizens lost their political and economic future a long time ago.

The facile nature of the European conundrum is that the problem is incredibly basic. A union of incompatible communities based on an inane premise of neutralising the short historic belligerence of one of its members[4]. Accordingly the institutional solution is equally simple. Every member of the union should exit and immediately benefit the control of national politics, economy and boarders.

The current European malaise then instantly disappears and individual European communities will be able to progress, develop and innovate according to the natural abilities of their diverse peoples. And, as well with the market distortions of such ridiculous structures as the CAP gone, African farmers might begin to be able to compete and improve the welfare of their families and countries. Focus might then turn on the pathetic inability of the UN to resolve serious political upheavals and the refugee consequences, particularly in the Middle East.


[1] Surely the concept of learned as indicated here is an ironic oxymoron.

[2] Maybe the UN could be trimmed back to just the General Assembly and the Security Council. Certainly, recent statements from the Secretary General which indicate his horror and criticism of the action of Hungary to preserve its borders, indicates that the UN is complete unhinged from reality. Firstly if the UN was mildly effective the original Middle East political issues would have been contained and resolved. If the refugee situation did inevitably eventuate, the organisation should have managed it in a meaningful way. Unfortunately the UN appears to have lost control completely and the Secretaries resort to political vilification highlights the UNs impotence and irrelevance.

[3] On a positive note, such gross socialist ineptitude should warn much of the rest of the world of a road to hell that should not be taken.

[4] The comedy of course, is that the one member actually has substantive control of Europe, which has been achieved by economic distortion rather than by military belligerence.


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