It is a fact that on a spec of galactic dust in a remote part of the universe humans have achieved a quality of life unparalleled in the history of the species.

On just about every measure of human welfare – including longevity, health, education, tolerance, equality, political articulation, the freedom from killing, and leisure amongst many other criteria – humans have never had it so good. Humans in the early 21st century certainly live in a Modern Golden Age.

In stunning contrast however, humans living in this Modern Golden Age are being vilified and denigrated in every quarter. Chaos, doomsday and the end of the world are just around the corner. The much cherished tolerance, freedom and democracy need to be suspended if humanity is to survive. And action needs to be instigated immediately.

It should surprise no observant citizen that this scenario has been played many times before. The ancient Romans succumbed to it and more recently humans since the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment have been confronted with it continuously.

The fundamental feature of the exhortations of doom and chaos is that they can be characterised and described as narrative. From the dawn of civilisation humans have related stories and tales which have absolutely no factual basis. Narratives might be based on myths or fables but they had no connection to reality. They were based on unreal characters performing imaginary acts in unseen places. The intent of all narratives is to bias and deceive while the result is always to mislead.

Little children sometimes have imaginary friends who do unreal things in fantasy places. Thankfully, most modern children grow out of this phase, but unfortunately many propagators of narratives do not. Sadly for humanity, the narratives are used as a whip to scare many mild and hard working humans into a course of action which leads to their disparagement whilst at the same time generating great benefit to the purveyor of the narrative.

The narrative – think fairy tale – is the lifeblood of so many scams which have afflicted humanity since the dawn of time. Innumerable snake oil salesmen[1] have stunted and stalled the progress of humanity to a shadow of where we might normally have expected to be. While innumerable narcissistic, socio and psychopathic autocrats have been amongst the forefront of global snake oil salesmen, the big obstacles have been the pharaohs and the religions of Egypt, Europe and the Middle East.

Plato, in his muddle headed Republic, has characterised an optimal world where a very small elite few exceptionally intelligent individuals[2] would make all the decisions and manage the remaining herd of dim witted humans. The model for Plato’s horror story was the depraved tyranny of Sparta. Sadly this model exemplifies innumerable historical situations where a tyrant and his cohorts have scammed and exploited so many innocent and hard working individuals, driving them to poverty and offering their children nothing but hell on earth. The major influential religions have all employed the insights of Plato and have accord with the inhuman metaphysics of the Nazis as well as of Marx[3].

In the Modern Golden Age humans are again being subjected to a torrent of narrative fairy stories. The substance of these fairy stories is not fact, evidence or substantiation, but is instead a platform for a new generation of Platonist elites to render the vast population of good people on the planet to servitude whilst at the same time enabling the extraction of what will be a diminishing surplus of wealth. Democracy, freedom and tolerance will be suspended, whilst the great majority of humans will be sent back to the dark ages. The Platonist Elites have proposed that they are the only small section of the community able to see the future and the necessary remedies. Of course they expect to be rewarded accordingly.

Putting aside so many unsubstantiated narratives and fairy stories, the fact of the matter is that the progress and welfare of humanity has never been better and has improved and a stunning rate. Ironically humanity since the Age of Enlightenment has proceeded without much help from any elites or beneficent hand.

It would be safe to conjecture that the recent spectacular progress of humanity was achieved despite the willingness of the Platonist Elite to peddle their narratives of general human frailty and failure. And in fact numerous governmental failures and market distortions have been achieved as a consequence of the heavy hand of Platonist Elitists parading as well intentioned socialists. It would be true to say today that the Platonist – Socialist road to hell is paved with narratives and little fact or intelligence.

Appraising the Platonist Elitist sabotage of the Golden Age of Rome, a conservative conjecture might be that humanity has lost conservatively in the order of 1,000 to 1,300 years as a consequence of unsubstantiated narratives which have dwelt with an imaginary fantasy[4].

To yield to Platonist narrative in the Modern Golden Age would possibly mean a retreat to the living standards and population of the Dark Ages. Such a folly on the basis of so little tangible information, fact and analysis would reduce humanity back to the basic human equality of subsistence agriculture foreseen and advocated by Marx. Of course the Elites would survive in marginally better welfare and given that there is no accountability in such an environment the error of the Platonist way would persevere unaccounted and unable to be corrected – for a very long time.

On the contrary, the progress of the Modern Golden Age, overseen by no particular elites and driven by human ingenuity and innovation, portends a stable and sustainable citizenry in a global setting very soon. In such a setting the natural and social environments of humanity will be taken to new high levels of equity, fairness and welfare.

Poverty, illiteracy and gender inequality are already heading for oblivion in the Modern Golden Age and if communities can neutralise the narratives of the Platonist Elitist, future humans will look back on this age as rather tame.


[1] The purveyors of narratives have been indubitably men.

[2] Think narcissistic, sociopath or psychopath.

[3] The Spartans had surprising supporters from across the socialist spectrum (reading instrumental socialism).

[4] Taking the decline of Rome from say 400 AD, then accounting progress from the Age of enlightenment  and adding a couple of centuries for innovations in a smaller population, yields roughly a thousand to 1,300 years lost to dogma and narrative.


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