The end of the world and other freaky modern myths.

Introduction; irrational ecological and environment policy, blaming economics and markets. The end of the world is neigh, humanity is at a turning point.
There are a mountain of crucial economic and environmental concerns and crisis facing the planet. Humans are just horrible destructive future eating monsters, annihilating the natural environment at an incredible rate. Everything is at risk!
Actually, there are some serious issues out there but the wholesale pessimism across the board of environmental issues is not helpful. Many so called environmental issues are in fact little storms in teacups, with a cumulative impact of overwhelming the environmental policy agenda and blocking out serious consideration of more crucial concerns. Many apparent environmental concerns are in fact the consequence of public distortions in the economy, and are also the font of rent seeking and gravy trains.
“The world is heading for the proverbial cliff. Human greed, selfishness and stupidity is sucking us to the vortex of calamity and extinction. Unless there is a profound human change very soon our children and grandchildren will be doomed. The science is settled. A very great coordinated, planned and guided redirection of humanity is required as a matter of urgency and the situation is so serious that there is little time for public talk and political distraction. If politicians are not up to the task now, they should move aside and allow the experts to take the initiative.”
Humanity will be much reduced in size, they will be vegetarian and they will live in small agriculturally sustainable villages. Bring on the new dark ages.
The misinformation is that; the worlds population is exploding; we are all going to starve; we will run out of water, forests, land ( the big cities are a problem); pollution is rife; species are disappearing; fisheries are being wasted … And a lot of this is caused by greed, selfishness, “free” markets and rampant consumerism.
Generally, the prescription for dealing with this representation of doom is to invoke science, smart planning and good government. Where disaster looms, planning and good government will be expected to make things better. Who could argue with that? The call of the modern sustainability motivated politician … “I just want to make things better” (because the average citizen is just plainly too stupid to do it themselves).
The problem with this approach is that it has been in existence for the modern era .. At least since the 1880s, and the general application of the science-planning-good government methodology has held the advance of humanity back and actually been the primary factor causing the concerns noted above.
Ironically, it is a fact that human ingenuity in many settings has defied the SPGG logic and considerable advancement has been achieved over the past 100 years despite the misguided intentions of numerous misinformed and bad governments.
It is the case that the worst excesses of human condition in the setting of food security, resource availability and management and environmental condition were all achieved in the most extreme of socialized approaches to government. The USSR, China, Yugoslavia, Albania, Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea and the Eastern block while it lasted , all produced the worst human living conditions on the planet. Most of these countries actually took their citizens back to the dark ages. By contrast most of the developed world and developing world left their citizens to get on with their lives , which they did quite effectively for quite a while.
Of course not all of the rest of the world coped all that well, there are contradictions and government distortions elsewhere which have grown to cause a whole new level of problems. Probably the most significant of these is the distortion of world agricultural markets for spurious reasons which actually causes much of the African economic and environmental problems.
In what follows, a range of the most stupid public myths will be considered and generally these myths will be nested in a setting of the misinformation and “bad” government which has often sustained them. Other key considerations to maintain in focus are the bloated gravy train of scientists all benefiting from extreme, and silly pessimistic prognostications to maintain their sinecure, and the the elite professional planners who eschew the dumb citizen to make things better with little or no recourse to understanding problems but a talent for narratives and deconstructional illogic.
The end of the world is nigh … And extraordinary social measures are required if humanity is to survive.
This is what we are led to believe, but fortunately a great deal of the pessimistic concern is mythology.


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